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Magical Lives ~ Wendy Rule RULES!

How lucky was I when I found out that I was going to a festival where Wendy Rule would be playing? Not only that, it was a super small venue--not only would I get to see her and hear her sing, but I'd get to talk to her as well. A native of Australia, and a leading voice in Pagan music, once you hear Wendy Rule, you won't forget her haunting voice and her enchanting melodies...

NZ: There are lots of kids who dream about being professional musicians--any advice for these budding artists? What is the most rewarding thing about being a musician? The most challenging?

WR: Certainly the most rewarding thing about being an independent musician is having an opportunity to share my own creative journey. I’ve been a professional musician for many years, and throughout that time have had many rewarding experiences, but also many challenges. The most important thing to me has been to stay true to myself--to write and record the songs that are deeply meaningful to me. Each of us has something unique and wonderful to share, and it’s important to honor that. It’s so wonderful to be able to travel, and share my music all around the world. But at times it can feel quite lonely, and I have to remind myself that this is my Soul Journey and a deeply important and magical process.


NZ: You play in front of audiences of all sizes--do you ever get nervous? What do you do to overcome that?

WR: When I was first starting out as a performer, I would challenge myself to perform at every opportunity. I knew a lot of old jazz songs, so I would go along to gigs and ask if I could sing a song with the local band. In this way, I built my confidence. I very rarely get nervous these days, but occasionally I find myself at a concert that somehow brings up those nervous feelings. I deal with it by connecting with Mother Earth, breathing slowly, and reminding myself that the audience is actually on my side, and wants to enjoy what I have to offer.


NZ: Your work has you doing alot of traveling, so you've probably seen sabbats celebrated in different parts of the world--are things different from the way things are done Down Under (as south of the Equator the sabbats run backwards--at least to us!)?

WR: Yes, it can be a bit tricky keeping track of the Wheel of the Year when I keep jumping hemispheres! As you mentioned, the Sabbats are 6 months opposite here in Australia. When the Northern Hemisphere is celebrating Midwinter, we are celebrating Midsummer. The same applies for all the festivals. Because Witchcraft is based on observation of Nature, we simply swap the Sabbats to suit our season. So for us, Samhain (Halloween) is on May 1st rather than October 1st, because May is our autumn/ Fall, and Samhain is all about the harvest. Whether that occurs in October or may makes little difference to Mother Earth. All that matters is that we honor what is happening in our part of the world.


NZ: Any suggestions for how our readers can incorporate music into their celebrations, or even everyday practice and meditation?

WR: Music is a major part of my magical practice. Before this interview, I took a walk down to my local creek and was singing the entire way to myself. Music soothes and grounds me, connecting me with the sacred spirit. I often use chants in my rituals, but my main way of combining music and Magic is when I’m by myself, and simply let the spirit move through me, improvising and singing whatever comes to mind.


NZ: You have alot of albums under your belt--do you have a favorite, and why?

WR: My favorite keeps shifting and changing, depending on my mood and the stage in my life. That said, I have a very strong soft spot for my first album, Zero, because it is so fresh and honest. I also really love The Lotus Eaters, because of its strong emotions and beautiful arrangements.

NZ: I loved "My Sister the Moon" and am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album! What can you tell us about this collection of songs?

WR: I’m so excited about “Guided By Venus”. The album is very beautiful, with lovely heartfelt songs and beautiful arrangements with cello, violin and guitars. Each song is very personal. It somehow tells a story about my connection with someone or something I love. There are songs dedicated to best friends, lovers, the Moon, and to my son Reuben. Each one is a deeply personal journey.

NZ: We ask everyone this--What is your favorite Sabbat, and what do you do to celebrate?

WR: Well, I’m born on October 31st, so my favorite Sabbat is either Samhain (when I’m in the Northern Hemisphere) or Beltane (when I’m in Australia). Either way, I have a fabulous magical birthday celebration.

Check Wendy's site, www.wendyrule.com for tour dates, news and song samples. She may be coming to a venue near you--catch her if you can!

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Natalie Zaman is the author of Color and Conjure and Magical Destinations of the Northeast. A regular contributor to various Llewellyn annual publications, she also writes the recurring feature “Wandering Witch” for Witches & Pagans Magazine. When not on the road, she’s busy tending her magical back-garden. Or shopping.


  • Lee Pike
    Lee Pike Sunday, 11 August 2013

    I love Wendy Rule, and have been lucky enough to see her live and participate in a couple of her workshops. She is doing Australia proud :)

  • Natalie Zaman
    Natalie Zaman Monday, 12 August 2013

    Thanks for stopping by! ♥ I saw that she's done some online workshops as well--would love to try one of those... And she is the nicest person as well :)

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