Have you ever had 2 different types of incense that you think would be great together?  Me too.  That’s what has led to my “incense sin”.

This is my confession.  I have done something that might be interpreted in the incense world as genuine heresy.  If you aren’t an incense person, this might not seem significant, but if you are an incense person I hope you won’t hate me for what I have done.  I especially hope so since I’m very pleased with the result.

I feel like the incense version of Dr. Frankenstein.


A couple of weeks ago, I took a package of my favorite incense from Shoyeido (a famous Japanese incense company) and pulled out half a dozen joss sticks.  I broke them into small pieces and powdered them.  I then took a package of my favorite incense from Baieido (another famous Japanese incense company) and did the same thing.  Ok, here comes the heresy…

I then mixed the two powders together, added a tiny amount of gum binder, and made joss sticks from the resulting mixture.  I have created a Shoyeido-Baieido hybrid incense!  Best (or perhaps worst) of all, I love the new scent.   From the first moment that I lit the first stick of my “frankensteined” incense, I was in love with it.

It’s a bit like getting a Whopper from BK and a Big Mac and shuffling them into a single sandwich.  No, it isn’t illegal or even immoral for most people, but it may well be seen as unforgivable among some in the incense world.

I just thought you should know…in case anything happens to me…