The subject of crystal healing is actually quite simple in practice but has a tendency to get complex in theory. Through his book Crystal Healing for the Heart, Nicholas Pearson makes this subject approachable and easily accessible, keeping it simple in theory as well as practice. The chapters are laid out as modules tailored to different aspects of healing our hearts and each chapter builds on the work done in the chapter preceding. This is a book to be worked with and through rather than one just to read.

Working from the outside in, Crystal Healing for the Heart is a colorful book with a rainbow of gemstones on the cover. It draws you in to the promise of the heart of this book (pun intended) which is about working with various gemstones for healing the heart. Visually, the layout is easy to follow, the subject is well-described, the gemstone "requirements" are fluid and interchangeable and the meditations are well laid out. A full color interior, the book has a pleasing visual layout with color-coded headings and photographs which are simple and clear. There is a photographic example of each of the suggested gemstones and a photograph of the author depicting the final step in each meditation exercise. An appendix for crystal basics makes a handy reference for novices.

The author reminds the reader very early in the book that people, as well as gemstones, are each different and so encourages the reader's experimentation by following their intuition. He stresses to use the suggestions in the book as starting points, not absolutes. As he says, (referring to our gemmy friends), "invite them to participate with you on your road to healing, rather than demanding that they fix your problems." This is excellent advice.

This book would be a useful tool for everyone interested in working with crystals and gemstones, from the novice to the seasoned practitioner. I would recommend it.