Here's another awesome question from my friend Karen, this time, about Enhydro crystals. She asks:

Enhydros (sp?) Crystal? Have you come across any of these? Can you share more of what they do? I have learned they balance the Divine Masculine/Feminine. Is this correct? Thanks!

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_enhydrowwwbeautiful-mineralsDOTtumblrDOTcom.jpgOh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Enhydro crystals. For those that don't know, they are crystals with water (fluid) inside them. The only way to know if you have an Enhydro (if there is water or fluid present) is if they have something IN the water (usually an air bubble, sometimes sediment of some kind, but most usually air)... or if the fluid is colored as in the photo to the left. Most Enhydro crystals present as clear crystals with clear water, so to see them you turn the crystal and the air bubble (or sediment) moves. If it is sediment it will move down because it is heavier than the water, and if an air bubble, it will move up because it is lighter than the water (imagine the bubble in a carpenter's level). In the photo above, the fluid in the cavity is golden colored. It is very striking to see such a crystal because you are able to easily see where the fluid is. As in the photograph below, in a clear crystal with clear water, you are only able to "see" the water when the bubble moves.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_enhydro_museumgeek-org.jpgThe sensation I get from these crystals is one of excited possibility.... magic... hidden potential. It's like finding an unexpected prize or bonus (like buying a coat at a tag sale and years later, discovering a hidden pocket with a diamond ring in it!)

Unfortunately I don't have the pleasure of coming across a lot of Enhydro crystals in the Arkansas crystal I see as they are fairly rare.

Enhydro crystals have such a feeling of possibility. The energy I experience from an Enhydro crystal is what I would imagine it would feel like to experience the sensation of a baby moving inside you: a fluttery excitement and a feeling of promise and great potential.

Since I haven't had the opportunity to work with a lot of Enhydro crystals, I asked the Crystal People for their input regarding Karen's question concerning a balance of feminine and masculine in Enhydro crystals. Here is their answer:

To your question, of a balance of the Divine Masculine/Feminine, I could see how this would be true, yes, in this way: In experiencing the Enhydro as described above, the feeling of potential, a seed, if you will. The seed (potential) requires incubation, going within (feminine) which then requires the masculine energy for the manifestation of the potential, so therein would lie the balance of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to see the birth of this potential. So in working with the energies of the Enhydro crystal, one is working with the Feminine, Masculine and the Divine by engaging with the crystalline energy towards the highest good.

The other miracle in Enhydro crystals is that inside this crystal, which we have established is thousands of years old, there is trapped water (or fluid) which has been there since the crystal’s inception. It’s an unlikely occurrence to begin with, when you imagine the heat and pressure required to create a crystal. To also have present the creation of a cavity in the crystal, which fills with fluid and enough air to create a bubble, which is then also sealed sufficiently with more crystal deposit to prevent the fluid from escaping... it defies logic, and yet it exists. Therein lies the magic. While crystal itself is a link to the ancient past, the presence of water inside the crystal is a further link. To imagine that water is still accessible today which was present millennia before is awe inspiring.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_enhydro-elements.pngIn returning to Karen's question, water is Feminine and Air is Masculine, so to access the energies of both in one crystal via the Enhydro can be balancing. A crystal also represents both Earth and Fire. They are made OF Earth, IN the Earth and the piezoelectric properties link them with fire, not to mention the heat required to create them. Take the Earth and Fire elements present in all crystal, add the Water and Air principles of the Enhydro crystal and your intention of linking with the Divine (Spirit) and you have all possibilities. In this way an Enhydro crystal encompasses the energy of all five sacred elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit).

What could possibly be better than that!?

I hope this has helped shed some light on this special crystal configuration! If you have questions about other configurations occurring in clear quartz crystal, send me an email or post in the comments below.