Hello everyone! I suppose the best place to start this blog is just to jump in with both feet and start yakking! (Uh, should that be ‘jump in with both lips?’). Over the months, I plan to get more in-depth on the topic of crystals. We’ll talk about such things as where they come from, how (and when) to cleanse and clear, setting up grids, and even learn how to communicate with your crystals.

However, in order to cover all of that information we have to be on the same page about one crucial point. The point I’m referring to is that crystals are sentient beings. It isn’t something that is normally written about in most crystal reference books. We tend to hear about how to “use” crystal in our healings and other magical workings, but the role of the crystal tends to be secondary to the practitioner; that it is simply a device to be used, much like our candles, altar tools, or smudge sticks. What I am proposing for your consideration is that employing crystals’ assistance should be regarded as a co-creative endeavor between the crystal and the person. More like a relationship between colleagues. Let me tell you how I came to this realization and why I feel it is important to share with you here.

First the “how”; I grew up in California, the granddaughter of rock hounds. I’ve always loved rocks in general but crystals in particular. Beauty is obvious when you look at a crystal. They are sparkly, shiny and gorgeous gemstones. However, initially it didn’t occur to me that they might have life. That they might contain an internal spark as well as the external one I saw. I’m not just talking about a spark as in electricity (which they also have) but a spark of intelligence, of life. Perhaps not life as we usually describe it, but life, none-the-less.

In a story a bit too long to get into here, about 20 years ago I was re-introduced to crystal after going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. I started using the crystal in conjunction with my treatment and learned about its incredible healing power. Since I was living in Arkansas (one of only three places in the WORLD with enough crystal to warrant mining), I started digging my own crystal. I did it for recreation initially and continued because it became an undeniable addiction. There is nothing quite like digging for your own crystal, but we’ll discuss that in detail at another time.

Because the crystal had become such a huge part of my life, I began a website. I have been adopting out crystal online since 1996. Why do I say adopting out and not “selling”? I have never felt that crystal is something I am selling, (which implies ownership) but rather that I am helping it get to where it needs to go. My role has been to act as the legs for the crystal; in other words, matching the crystal to its new home and then helping it to get there. Recently I have been guided to become their voice as well. That’s how I came to be here chatting with you. So how did I come to realize that crystals are beings, and not simply tools?

Initially, on my website, I described the crystals from a purely physical perspective. Physical dimensions, weight and surface features. The number of sides faces and angles. But after physically measuring the characteristics of hundreds and hundreds of points and clusters, I noticed that I was getting sensory impressions, as well.

It happened slowly. As I was describing the physical weight, I might notice an energetic weight, (lightness or density). Sometimes I felt an overwhelming sense of joy or a silly laughter bubbling up within me. I would get stories and see pictures. That is when I realized that the crystals were trying to speak to me. I began slowing down and listening to their messages. I started making a concerted effort to feel their energy in order to decipher their unique form of communication.

It is possible to sense animals, birds or even elements such as air earth or water in your crystal. There is SO much knowledge our crystal friends have to tell us. They have lived for so long! IMAGINE! They have stories to tell and lessons to teach. But not every crystal is here just to teach. They may simply be similar to your buddy, here to provide company and share your story and theirs. I think we tend to get into the mindset that because crystals are healers and teachers, and due to their wisdom and age, they are each here for a specific purpose only and not for anything else. While they may be here for all those things I listed, they may also have been drawn to you simply to be.

And now, why I think it is important you realize they are sentient beings. Most books describe the nuts and bolts of their “anatomy” if you will, with no discussion of asking permission, shaking hands and becoming acquainted. I liken it to walking up to a person and flipping up their skirt to see what’s under there. Imagine doing this with a professor, doctor, shaman or someone’s great-great-grandmother! It’s unthinkable, right? It’s the same with our crystal friends. A proper introduction is the best first step in the process of getting to know the Crystal People. If you haven’t made the proper introduction, it’s just not cool to snatch one up and start examining surface features, facets, terminations and body type, and then toss it back down on the table if it doesn’t have the features you’re looking for. It is a common mistake and I’m sure our crystal friends ultimately forgive our ignorance. However, now that we have the knowledge that there is a protocol to introductions and becoming acquainted, then I think it’s polite to follow it. As we discussed earlier, it goes back to the fact that these great beings aren’t simply tools to be picked up and utilized without a proper connection. You might select a hammer and judging by its weight and size decide whether or not it seems right for the job at hand. This is not recommended with a potential new healer, teacher or friend. Ignorance is the typical reason most of us have been guilty of unashamedly looking up the skirts of our crystal friends. We didn’t know. I didn’t know. We didn’t do it out of arrogance or maliciousness. That is why I am sure they excuse our crude manners.

So what should we do?

  • Establish a heart connection with the crystal in question. It doesn’t have to take longer than an instant
  • Ask permission of the crystal
  • State your intention (this can all be done silently and as quickly as you can compose the thought)
  • Erase any preconceptions you may have, and then
  • Connect

Listen to the wisdom of our elders; these life forms millennia older than ourselves. Be grateful and thankful to these ancient beings who have allowed us to cut them from our great Mother so that they can be of service to all sentient beings and the planet. Enter into a co-creative relationship with your crystal. Make the Connection!