It’s the Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Lammas today, August 3 at 8:59 AM Pacific Time. Time to tune into Mama Moon and the far reaches of the star in a collective group hug…or not! The energy during this Full Moon may give you a bit of a breather from all the intensity of the past few months, but it may also present you with an unexpected choice; do I continue pouring everything into the group energy around me or do I take a much needed time out? (Uranus squares the Leo/Aquarius axis).

I have a video reading for you to enjoy with a focus on Goddess Energy and Healing plus some astrological tidbits too.

Aquarian Goddess (Zodiac Goddess Power Deck)


Aquarius – The Water Bearer
Time of Year – Winter, Imbolc,
January 20 – February 18
Quality – Fixed
Element – Air
Ruler – Uranus
Anatomy – Ankles, bloodstream, circulation, shins,
Natural sign of – 11th house
Opposite sign – Leo
Color – Electric blue, turquoise, silver
Gemstone – Obsidian, opal, sapphire
Tarot card – The Star
Goddesses – Feng P’O P’O, Freya, Ix Chel, Nut, Tien-Mu

Aquarian Meditation

Aquarius is the knowledge that all we do effects humanity.
We are humanity. We are love.
A new vision is birthed from the old.

Aquarius Affirmations

I seek out unusual people and experiences.
I overstep my boundaries to create the unusual and manifest my dreams.
I teach unconditional love.
I believe in the limitless possibilities of life.
I am called to the circle where I tend the web of community.
I am a force for change.

Freya: Scandinavian Goddess


Ruler of death and leader of the Valkyries,
Freya (Friday), like Persephone was also gone
From the earth in Autumn and Winter.
Goddess of Magic she was the first to
Bring sorcery to the Northern people.

Change Begins With You

- See the interdependence of all life forms in an unbroken web of consciousness
- Feel hope and freedom as you dream of the future
- Know that the earth is alive
- Teach us how to care ethically
- Spread goddess consciousness wherever you go
- Walk your talk

Excerpted from my Zodiac Goddess Power Deck.

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It is important for this planet that we awaken Goddess Energy so we can hear the voice of deep intuition  and wisdom once again.

About the Creator: Artist, author, teacher and soul guide, Kathy Crabbe invokes Faerie Goddess Spirituality to heal, make whole and holy. She is Mother of the Lefty Oracle and Elfin Ally Oracle decks. She’s also sort of ambidextrous. Drawing with her non-dominant left hand led to the creation of her first deck, the Lefty Oracle and becoming a Soul Reader.