Enjoy Goddess Blessings from me and my Zodiac Goddess Power Deck to energize and inspire you for this fiery, adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius taking place on Dec. 14 at 8:17 am PST accompanied by a Total Solar Eclipse at 8:15 am PST. To receive a Full Video Reading + Moon Chart please sign up for my New Moon Forecast Package here.

Sagittarius New Moon Goddesses


Sagittarius – The Archer

Time of Year – November 21 – December 21
Quality – Mutable
Element – Fire
Planetary Ruler – Jupiter
Anatomy – Hips, liver, thighs
Natural Sign of – 9th house
Color – Dark blue, pale green, purple
Gemstone – Obsidian, silica, turquoise
Tarot Card – Temperance
Goddesses - Artemis, Diana, Callisto, Sarasvati, Marichi, Cerridwen

Sagittarius Meditation

In Sag’s truth my fears dissipate and
my dreams open to expand us all.

Sagittarius Affirmations

  • I stretch my horizons to envision the big big picture

  • I see the glorious possibilities in everything

  • I am free of all restrictions

  • I inhale optimism, courage and speed

  • I trust in life

  • I am lucky

  • My courage protects me and my sisters and brothers

The Quest Begins:

- Seek new horizons
- Explore worlds without maps
- Quest!
- Be outrageous
- Look to the future
- Seek freedom from all oppression

I Paint Sagittarius

Channeling Sag energy allowed me to trust in life and to leap before looking knowing that I am safe. When I seek truth I know Sag energy.  Sag teaches us how to uplift our spirit, teach others, and carry the truth within opening us all to other realities.  We must heal the artist, the creator, and the dreamer within. To create is to release ourselves into the flow of life. We trust that in freely expressing ourselves that we are doing it for everyone, because we realize that each one of us is a Creator. 

In my Sagittarius painting I have depicted a third eye that explodes into flames. This mystical, visionary opening allows me to connect with my higher purpose, guiding the way for all humanity.

Sagittarius Goddess ~ Artemis

Artemis, Artemis,
Goddess of the wood
You are bows and arrows, death and birth
Midnight revels and pregnant mirth.
Wild woman, child, hunter of beast,
We find our true self when we dance at your feast.

Artemis is the virgin moon-goddess roaming the forest with her band of nymphs, bearing the bow and quiver, avoiding men and killing any male who looks upon her. She was also known as the many-breasted Artemis of Ephesus, a symbol of fecundity. As the warlike Artemis she is said to have been the special goddess of the Amazons.


Every Hindu god needs a Shakti or enlivening female force to function so Brahma, the creator needed Sarasvati for the world to come into being. She is both the water goddess - part of a trinity including Ganga and Yamuna and the goddess of eloquence which pours forth like a flooding river. She is the inventor of all the arts and sciences, patron of all intellectual endeavours and the prototype of the artist. She invented writing to record the songs she inspired and created music so her beauty could be praised. In her identity as Vach, goddess of speech, she caused all words to come into being.

About Kathy Crabbe
I am a soul reader, spirit medium, astrologer and artist located in sunny Southern California.

I work with 5 hand painted, self published oracle decks & I paint kitty portraits too. Chakra Cleansing, Prayers, all things witchy, magickal, creative & inspirational are my tools. Deep insight & healing to help you move forward Healthy, Whole and Holy. I teach a Moon eClass at Wise Woman School and I write and illustrate for Witches & Pagans and SageWoman Magazine. In business since 1993 I’m an initiate of the Celtic Faerie Shaman Tradition.