Daily Moon Vibes: Flow in Tune with Mama Moon!

Astrologer + artist, Kathy Crabbe tunes into Mama Moon as she cycles through all 12 signs of the zodiac each month. Kathy shares these insights and transits with you to help awaken and strengthen your intuition. Included are affirmations and spirit animal medicine from her Elfin Ally Oracle Deck and Lefty Oracle Deck.

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Pick A Card for the Scorpio Full Moon: REVEAL is within (Secret Solace)

Not knowing what to write about this month for the Scorpio Full Moon I pulled a Lefty Oracle card that advised me to simply write and open my heart. These words popped out: lush...paradise...awaits. Be prepared...to fight.

I was at my relatives this past Sunday and was brought very low by the suffering around me; of death imminent, and of pain, well hidden beneath various attitudes of flippancy, 'fidgetiness' and criticality. I broke down, almost not making it through lunch. I couldn't open my heart. I could barely breathe.

Later, the next day during my coaching session with Jen DeTracey I cried many times (quietly) and I recognized how anger and the fight within me keep me going and pursuing my dreams. And so, I continue to make a sacred and safe space around me with the help of art.

Can anger be healthy?
If you understand how it works, let it out and then use it to propel you to make a difference.

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.”

Scorpio Full Moon: Pick a Card
Focus gently on your breath.
Go within.
Ask a question or leave it open.
Scroll down for this month's Full Moon Reading.

*cards are from the lefty oracle and elfin ally oracle decks*

Scorpio Full Moon Card REVEAL


Card 1: Kattern is grace under pressure 
Mantra: I am mindful.
Affirmation: I am in perfect alignment with universal flow.
Element: Fire

If this card appears in a reading it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ve got a whole lot goin’ on right now. In fact, in this oracle card Kattern appears to be holding up the sky all on her own, but the key word is ‘grace’. Although your world may be caving in on you right now, you have the fortitude and grace to carry on in style. Your feathers may feel ruffled and your world a shambles, but you do what you need to do without a big fuss or hissy fit. Things are NOT easy right now, but that too will change. So hang tight and wait for reinforcements; both divine and mundane.

In my own life this card symbolized my turning forty which felt like a rollercoaster ride of emotion that I was unprepared for and shake me up it did. I did my best to transform myself and my world by painting a series of divine feminine paintings on huge four foot by four foot canvases to let it all out, the pain, the sorrow, the joy, and it worked! I got those emotions safely out of me without too much damage control required. What a ride! But I kept my head and channeled the energy with grace and style; it was as messy as all get out, but a work of beauty in the end.

Card 2:Snake

Keyword: Insistent
Meaning: Although the way forward remains a mystery,
have faith that you’re on the right path.
Reversed: Going backward.

Affirmation: I am quietly perceptive.
Astrology: Saturn, Scorpio, Pluto
Element: Earth, Water

Medicine: Your secrets are safe with me.

Lore: Deep within the earth she travelled with Snake as her ally for he knew the spiral pathways to her innermost secrets.

She was encased in sloopy, green sadness where her ally could not reach her. Her tears formed diamonds, her features hard, but in the depths of her soldier's heart beat Snake Medicine, cool, flexible and stinging. She would bounce back.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

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I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition and joy, no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’ve learned a thing or two and I’d love to share that with you! Creative tools such as my Daily Moon Vibes, Oracle Decks and Astrology Reports will help to awaken your intuition, which is essential for navigating these often crazy times. Learn more here: kathycrabbe.com


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