Mama Moon enters the Fixed, Water sign of Scorpio on Jan. 26 at 11:31 pm Pacific Time until Jan. 29. Look for this waning Harvest Moon as she rises at midnight and sets at noon.

This is not an adventurous or outgoing Moon-Time, but instead a caring, sympathetic vibe takes the reigns. Time to get organized, help a loved one in need (or yourself) and release some steam because tensions may run high.

Imagine yourself within a giant bubble or crystalline egg, clean and new and almost ready to be reborn at the upcoming New Moon on Feb. 4.

Scorpio Moon Spirit Animal: Alligator

Keyword: Fast Forward
Meaning: Place one fear on a pedestal then knock it down and destroy it for good.
Reversed: Your fears are controlling you.

Alligator Magick
from The Elfin Ally Oracle Deck

by Kathy Crabbe