b2ap3_thumbnail_surfer.jpgJust a quick heads-up on the Full Moon that occurs Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning (depending on your time zone), because it is going to pack a punch, and you’ll want to be aware of what planetary energies are on the run now. For some, this Full Moon may bring a great release of tension, a time of breakthrough, or even a streak of luck. For others, there will be changes and disturbances — quite possibly sudden and surprising ones — that are destabilizing and expanding at the same time. This depends, of course, on how the transits fall in your chart, and what other influences (arcs, progressions) are affecting you now.

This Full Moon happens just hours before the square between Jupiter and Uranus becomes exact. When cast for Washington, DC, (and so reflecting the event’s effects for the entire country), the chart shows Uranus conjunct the Ascendant, with Jupiter oppose, and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven. Nationally, we are likely to see surprising, sudden events, perhaps explosive revelations. With headstrong Aries rising, and Mercury conjunct the Sun in fiery, self-assured Leo, things are not likely to be peaceful. The 5th/11th house involvement points to another possible Wall Street/economic spectacle of some kind, along with an entirely inadequate, misleading and/or obfuscating government response to the crisis du jour. (The Moon moves into Pisces, and then conjuncts Neptune just hours after full, trining the master manipulator, Saturn, in Scorpio) Also look for sudden developments in foreign policies, and people climbing onto their soapboxes all over the place. Religious themes will be prominent, as will themes of liberty and personal rights.


The ongoing trine of Saturn to Neptune is finally on the wane, but still in orb, and will be triggered by the Full Moon. The trine of Saturn and Neptune offers us the ability to explore our own unconscious complexes with empathy and forgiveness, inspires us to develop a practical vision of the future, and guides us to find a deep, soul-level purpose and calling on which we can base a fulfilling life — if we are willing to do the inner work. It can help us weave a web of connections, both physical and spiritual — but only if we are willing to get out there and do the outer work. Saturn can be generous, but never brings any gifts unearned, and Neptune’s encompassing, tidal visions can only be brought to earth with the help of Saturn’s anchor. The work of the soul, the work of the psyche is the work that will allow us to face the profound and disruptive changes that are occurring during the years of the Uranus-Pluto square. Pay close attention to any emotional issues with their roots in the past that are brought up around this time, and use them to enhance the effects of the trine.

Oh, and one more thing —keep an eye on the weather, too. Heavy weather is quite likely around this Full Moon, so take any watches or warnings seriously.

How best to handle this time of change? Well, first ground and center, then repeat hourly. (If you don’t have a well-practiced, ingrained protocol for grounding and centering in the space of a breath, now is the time to develop one.) Then be aware that the planetary energies are in a very expansive mode, and things in your life — both positive and negative — are likely to upsize quickly, and may get out of control easily.

You might want to respond with caution to situations you find yourself in, be careful not to jump to conclusions, and find an anchor or a counterweight before things start spinning out of control. On the other hand, you may find it’s best just to climb on and ride the wave, and see where you end up. You can’t always be perfectly grounded and centered, and it can be helpful to remember than walking is a process of continually losing your balance and gaining it again. Flexibility and resilience are useful qualities to have when situations are unstable, and this is an unstable time.

Depending on how the planetary arrangement falls in your chart, this may be a good time to do some magick to turn the tide of something that has been stagnating in your life, , or to bring that breakthrough idea/event/awareness that you’ve been hoping for.

I have a lot on my plate this summer, but hope to be back to a more regular schedule of postings in a month or so. See you in September!