I'm just going to focus on the weekly forecast in this post, as I'm writing a separate post to cover the Uranus-Pluto square and the Autumn Equinox Libra Ingress chart that I will post tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

The week starts on a sociable note, with a waxing Moon in Libra, trining Jupiter around 11:30 a.m. (all times are EDT), then making a troublesome aspect to Neptune. Take full advantage of any opportunities that come your way, but don’t lose focus, over-promise, or believe everything you hear. Pluto stations direct today, and you should feel a shift in the energy this week in some area of your life — probably one that may reflect some personal taboos, or where you are in denial. Look at which houses Pluto rules in your chart, as well as the house Pluto is currently transiting. An evening semi-square between Mercury (within aspect to Pluto and Uranus) and Mars (in Pluto’s sign) suggests that you be careful in your communications. People running off at the mouth and/or saying hurtful things are likely manifestations of this aspect, but if you use the energy consciously, you can manage to be diplomatic while still making your point.

Tuesday begins with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Libra — serious and reserved are the keywords for the day. Late morning, the Moon moves into Scorpio, where it can wreak some emotional havoc, or bring up some hidden emotional factors in a situation. The Moon’s trine to Neptune in Pisces offers an afternoon of successful creative and/or spiritual endeavors, if you are so inclined, while an evening sextile to Pluto brings emotional depth and insight.

Early Wednesday morning, Uranus and Pluto move into an exact square for the second time this year. I’ll discuss what that means and how to handle the energy of this transit in that post I mentioned earlier. The Moon’s aspects are not fun ones today — the primary ones are a square to Venus and a conjunction with Mars. Look out for entitled behavior, temper tantrums and irritability. The best manifestations of the energy would be to access your creative self, and find a way to acknowledge each person’s needs in every action and interaction. Later in the evening, the Moon makes restless aspects to Uranus and Pluto — watch how the same issues keep coming up.

Thursday is a busy day! The Moon conjuncts its North Node late morning, and you may find that you need the emotional support of others, or that others need support from you. Give generously. Around noon, the Moon moves into Sagittarius and everyone has an opinion (as well as other anatomical similarities that may or may not serve as a metaphor for those opinions. Ahem.) Then it moves on to square Neptune, and, not long after, Mercury opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Eeek! There are so many different ways this could play out, I’m just going to suggest that it’s likely we will see sudden, impulsive actions with profound consequences, and people stepping up to the plate, as well as a big dose of emotional manipulation. A Venus-Jupiter sextile brings a happier close to the day.

Friday gets off to a sociable start with the Sun sextile/trine the Moon’s Nodes, and if you are on a diet, watch out for temptation late afternoon.

Happy Autumn Equinox! It seems to me that many things will click into place on Saturday. Not only do we have the Sun moving into Libra, but the Moon squares it from Capricorn just hours later at the waxing quarter Moon. My follow up post to this one will focus on the Libra Ingress chart — check back tomorrow for more info on today’s alignments.

Sunday brings the Moon into conjunction with Pluto, and so, of course, square with Uranus, and later, square to Mercury. Then the Sun inconjuncts Neptune. Move carefully and consciously through this day. Don’t let your personal triggers trip you up, and watch out for the smoke and mirrors — yours or others. Communications could be hurtful either through impulsive thoughtlessness, or invasion of privacy. Watch your speech carefully.

Until next week!