You wouldn't believe how long I've been trying to write this post.  I've tried to seperate who Diana is without relying upon the writings about Artemis but most everything that comes up is about Artemis.  I can list facts but do not feel like I can't evoke who she is. 


  • Diana is the Roman goddess of the high mountains, the places untouched by mortals
  • probably originally an Etruscan or native "Italian" deity who developed a strong association with Artems
  • goddess of wild animals and of the hunt
  • honored at Nemi where the lake was called the Mirror of Diana
  • honored at her temple on Aventine Hill
  • her festival was celebrated on August 13th
  • at her grove in Tibur, Diana was called "help-bringing"
  • associated with the goddess Bon Dea whose temple also allowed no men to enter
  • considered to be the protector of the oppressed classes such as women, foreigners and the enslaved
  • her temple was one of the few that accepted freed slaves as priests
  • is associated with female resistance to the patriarchy
  • has associations with deer and oaks, eventually associated with the moon
  • in modern times, Diana is associated with witches and lesbians (due to virgin status and general seeming dislike of men though as always YMMV)

Diana appears to be the goddess of freedom, of slipping society's yolk to become oneself fully.  Probably a goddess very much in need during these times of laws trying to rule a woman's body.  I will leave others to decide if she and Artemis are one and the same.  That is a discussion I do not care about. Diana is also one of the divinities in the long ago atheists' graveyard who I wanted to honor by learning more about each one.

While the title of this song is "Artemis" the imagery reminded me more of Diana for some reason.