From the Oak: Let’s hear it for the God!

Many are those that focus on female divinities, leaving male divinities in the shadows if they get mentioned at all. This is a shame. Here I will share my thoughts, stories and prayers on male divinities. Currently focusing on divinities placed in an atheist "graveyard".

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Let’s hear it for the God!

“Let’s hear it for the God
Let’s give the God a hand
Let’s hear it for the male
You know you gotta understand
Maybe he’s no Romeo
But he’s my loving deity
Whooa, whooa, whooa-oh
Let’s hear it for the God!”

You know what? I get it. Really I do. Goddesses are wonderful beings. Yes, they have been neglected and abused in the past and in some cases, still are. But. Let’s learn from that and not do the same thing to the Gods. One hears a lot about feminine deities…pictures, stories, poems, prayers, divination decks, etc. You can find Pagan/Polytheistic items with a goddess theme quite easily any more. Not so much for the masculine divinities. Often they are relegated to the sidelines, treated as a minor player, if mentioned at all. I get it. I did it too. But then Zeus came along…

It all started on Halloween 2007. I was continuing my study of the Gods using the idea of Gods of the Month Club. It is where you draw a god to study for a month. I drew Zeus. I wasn’t thrilled. In my mind, Zeus was firmly linked with the Roman Catholic god, the only difference being that Zeus had sex…a lot…and he didn’t seem picky about it either. I was raised Roman Catholic and painted all male divinities with the same broad, ugly brush. Yet I vowed to study whatever divinity came up and so I did. I spent that month studying and meditating on Zeus.

When the month was over, I didn’t want to stop learning about him. So I kept studying in whatever spare time I had from my infant son. The more I learned about him the more I liked and the more I wanted to know. On Father’s Day of 2008, I vowed officially to study Zeus for a year. When that year was up, I dedicated to him. This led me to editing a devotional in his honor. Eventually, I started to seek out a goddess to even Zeus out, but I ever return to him. Goddesses confuse me, but Zeus…Zeus feels like home to me. He is a driving curiosity; a need fulfilled, all rolled into one.

So I get it. I’ve been there and sometimes I’d like the comfort of the divine feminine but never at the expense of the divine masculine. So once a week, I’m going to talk about Zeus, Ares, Helios and any other masculine divinity, Greek or not. I seek to show, to remind that divinity isn’t only found in feminine form. As wonderful as goddesses are, gods are every bit as great and deserving of time, attention and honor.

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I'm an eclectic polytheist whose main divinities are Heru-ur, Bast, Sobek, Yinepu Isis, Zeus-Serapis, and Yemaya. I'm a mother, wife and Librarian living in the Rocky Mountains stumbling on my path and wondering what the heck I'm doing. Blessed be.


  • Rebecca Buchanan
    Rebecca Buchanan Wednesday, 15 May 2013

    Yay! Welcome to PaganSquare, and I look forward to your next blog. :)

    Oh, and if you are looking for a good resource/inspiration, I recommend "God: Myths of the Male Divine" by David Leeming. :)

  • Melia/Merit Brokaw
    Melia/Merit Brokaw Wednesday, 15 May 2013

    Thank you! Another book?! Quit tempting me! :)

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