From the Oak: Let’s hear it for the God!

Many are those that focus on female divinities, leaving male divinities in the shadows if they get mentioned at all. This is a shame. Here I will share my thoughts, stories and prayers on male divinities. Currently focusing on divinities placed in an atheist "graveyard".

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The Dreamtime

Banaitja is the next divinity on the Atheist’s list. Unfortunately, I can find extremely little about this divinity. I know Banaitja is an Aborigine creator deity from the Northern Territories…but that is it. I can’t find whether it is a title, a name, male or female or even something else. As I was searching I kept reading about the Dreamtime. The concept caught my imagination. I offer up the following in tribute to Banaitja:


once upon a time
a time out of time
the time of creation
patterns of life
laid down in songlines
many hundreds of Dreamings
similar yet distinct;
a spirit-child exists eternally
in the Dreaming
initiated into life by birth
a special custodian of the land
upon which its mother stood;
before anything came into being
souls existed in the Dreaming
when their initiation came
all but one became plants, animals
the last one became human
guardian of all that came before;
source of rules and ceremonies,
fount of law and lore
men’s business, women’s business
told through song, dance, painting
connecting now with then;
in the beginning of Dreamtime
Ancestor spirits travelled
over a formless land
creating and shaping as they went
sacred sites, significant places
everything made sacred
when their works were completed
the Ancestor spirits became
part of their creations
existing always in the Dreaming
seed power, footprint, potent memory;
Dreamtime is never-ending
linking past and present, people and land
songlines written in the earth
virtue is found in following
the ways of the Ancestor spirits
looking after country
keeping the Dreaming alive


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I'm an eclectic polytheist whose main divinities are Heru-ur, Bast, Sobek, Yinepu Isis, Zeus-Serapis, and Yemaya. I'm a mother, wife and Librarian living in the Rocky Mountains stumbling on my path and wondering what the heck I'm doing. Blessed be.


  • Markos Gage
    Markos Gage Friday, 17 July 2015

    I don't know if this is the case, but a lot of Aboriginal tales are closed off to those outside of their community. The Dreaming stories are extremely sacred and part of the tribal and individual identities of these people and their landscape. As an Australian myself, I shy away from indulging much into their traditions as I have high regard for Aboriginal people and their customs, yet if you want more info - you could always respectfully try to contact elders.

  • Melia/Merit Brokaw
    Melia/Merit Brokaw Friday, 17 July 2015

    Ah that is good to know. I don't want to be disrespectful Thanks for the heads up.

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