Joy is sacred, He said, and I didn’t understand. Isn’t all of this serious stuff? Shouldn’t I be in awe and terror of You?

Do you respect Me? Do you take Me seriously when I need you do that?

Yes. I’d ignore You at my own peril.

I don’t want fear or cowering or stoicism or even peril. I want your joy.

Aren’t I supposed to be dignified or some such shit?

What makes you think that joy is undignified? Joy is openness. Joy is being present. I desire your presence.

But people are afraid of You. Hel, I’ve been afraid of You.

I dunno why, sweetheart. I’ve been nothing but nice to you.

I didn’t know You were nice then.


Fine. YOU are unnervingly open, how about that?

That’s really your problem with you.

And that gives You joy?

Your problems with yourself?

No, your unnerving openness.

Joy is a choice. Joy is being ‘unnervingly open’ and it’s being vulnerable to the ephemeral. Joy is fleeting, except when it’s not. It’s the acceptance of change. It’s the understanding that even if it’s temporary, it’s worth experiencing. Ultimately, it comes down to this: you can accept and enjoy this moment as it unfolds, or you can anticipate and dread its ending. But know this: your joy is sacred. It is presence without pretense, shame, or fear. Little else impresses Me.


artwork credit: Loki and me, by V. Burch