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Manifestation for the Selfish Witch #13daysofmagic

The Modern Witch #13daysofmagic challenge is off to a great start and I have already seen some really amazing photos. This morning the timer on my phone reminded me that it was time to fulfill my daily challenge; doing magic for the sake of doing magic. I had thought I would have some great list of spells prepared to perform each day but I haven’t had the time to create such a list. As I stared at my phone I had no clue what I was going to do.

I decided this was a great time to go back to basics and meditate on it. Because I had no big plan I decided to ask myself a very selfish question. What do I need? Usually when I am doing magic it’s for a client or for a member of my community. I do little things here and there through out the day but I never really cast a spell for my own enjoyment. What did I need? I needed to manifest my personal goals like finishing a book and adding to my spiritual repertoire. Without hesitation I went to my book of shadows and found a manifestation spell I wrote a few years back. My first #13daysofmagic challenge photo is a manifestation spell for witches who are ready to get a little selfish.


Manifestation spell for the Selfish Witch


What you need

One Black Candle (To draw from the infinite)

Wisdom Herb Blend (I used Wisdom of Solomon from The Mystic Dream. Solomon Seal, Chamomile, or Mandrake would work great or this.)

Spirit Guide Oil (I used a special ritual blend however essential oil of Rue, Lavender, or Rose would work great.)

The World card from the Tarot (The card shown here is from the Giant Rider Waite)


Casting the spell

Dress your candle with the oil and then the herbs. Before dressing them hold each in your hand and send a little bit of your Holy Fire (auric energy) into each as you whisper your intention to them. “[Wisdom Herb] I seek to align with your powers of wisdom and ask your aide in this working.” “[Spirit Guide Oil] I seek to align with your powers of guidance and ask your aide in this working.”

Place the candle in a fire safe dish and place that over The World card. Draw a pentacle of Holy Fire over the candle and recite the spell.

“By spirit guide and witch’s fire, I summon now my heart’s desire.

Burn ye bright and light the way- for nothing in my path shall stay.

By Queen of Heaven and of Hell, I claim my right to cast this spell.

Head my words and hear me now, for open roads this will endow!

[With a commanding tone declare what it is you wish to manifest and light the candle]

As I will it, so must it be, for the good of all but most for me!" 

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Devin Hunter is a professional witch and the resident House Medium at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, Ca. He holds third-degree initiations in both the Northern Star Tradition of Wicca as well as the Dianic Tradition of Witchcraft (the Cult of Diana) and is the founder of his own tradition, Sacred Fires. His AV Club favorited podcast, the Modern Witch, has helped thousands of people from all over the world discover and develop their magical abilities. Devin is currently teaching with the Black Rose School of Witchcraft and is the reigning Master of Ceremonies at the New Orleans Witches’ Ball. His first book, The Witch's Book of Power will be released Spring of 2016 from Llewellyn Worldwide.


  • J'Karrah
    J'Karrah Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    Glad to see someone advocating for the idea that working magic for yourself is okay. It drives me buggy when I hear someone quoting tripe from the 90's tv show "Charmed" claiming that it is "against the laws of the Craft to work magic for personal gain." But when you ask them to explain why they have no answer other than they heard it "somewhere."

    There is nothing wrong with doing magic to help better oneself. After all how can you help others if you yourself are in need?

  • Jay
    Jay Sunday, 23 November 2014

    Right? I mean the idea of not using magic for personal gain is such a ridiculous notion. Even the fluffiest of books have spells to improve your life. The only reason the say that in charmed is for a plot device anyway.

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