Flower essences restore emotional balance and aid physical harmony. I recommend using Dr. Bach’s flower remedies, which were originally created from the morning dew found on flower petals. These subtle medicines are available in most health food and metaphysical stores. To know which essences are right for you, take a pendulum and write the essence names on paper in a wheel formation. Holding the pendulum in the middle, wait for it to select one name while chanting.

 Spirit of the flower,

Help me this day

To keep illness

Far at bay.

Blessed be me and thee.

So mote it be.



To prepare the following remedies, mix two drops of flower essence in 30 milliliters of distilled water. Take four drops of the remedy daily until yourhealth is restored. You can also apply the remedy to your pulse points(wrists, temples, behind the ears, back of knees), add it to your bath,or spray it into the air.


Addiction: skullcap,origomy


Anger: nettle, blue flag, chamomile


Anxiety: garlic, rosemary, aspen, periwinkle, lemon balm, white chestnut, gentian


Bereavement: honeysuckle


Depression: borage, sunflower, larch, chamomile, geranium, yerba santa, black cohosh, lavender, mustard


Exhaustion: aloe, yarrow, olive, sweet chestnut


Fear: poppy, mallow, ginger, peony, water lily, basil, datura


Heartbreak: heartsease, hawthorn, borage


Lethargy: aloe, thyme, peppermint,


Stress: dill, Echinacea, thyme, mistletoe, lemon balm


Spiritual blocks: oak, ginseng, lady’s slipper