Nothing is more relaxing than a massage and it is so good for you- healing and energizing, to be sure.Massage bars should be look, smell and feel yummy, lush and soothing to the skin. Cocoa butter is beloved for the delicious chocolate sweet scent. I also recommend shea butter, grapeseed oil or mango butter as other options for they are also delightfully sumptuous.


·        3 ounces cocoa butter

·        3 ounces beeswax

·        3 ounces almond carrier oil

·        1 teaspoon of essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, neroli, bergamot, amber

·        soap bar molds (available at all craft stores)


Slowly heat the beeswax, almond oil and cocoa butter in a double boiler over low heat until just melted. Remove from heat. Add the essential oil when mixture has cooled slightly. Pour into soap molds and cool until hardened, approximately 2 hours. Place in freezer for a few minutes before popping bars out of molds. To use, rub massage bar onto the skin — the warmth of the skin immediately melts the bar. Package your handmade massage oil in a pretty box or basket and give it as a thoughtful gift.


These Essential Oils Are Also Excellent for Mindfulness Mojo:

Cinnamon is energetic oil, spicy and warm. It stimulates the mind as well as the body.

Ginger oil is vitalizing vigor and is known to boost vitality, and heightens desire and comfort.

Jasmine oil sparks sensuality and inspires a feeling of positivity, confidence, and pure bliss

Lavender oil very soothing, calming and nurturing; it can provide a sense of relaxation.

Orange is light, citrusy oil that offers balance and lifts moods, enhancing playful emotions.

Rose brings youthfulness and enhances self-esteems, It aids circulation and relieves tension

Sandalwood is a woody aroma that relieves tension relief and relaxes tense muscles.

Ylang Ylang’s sweet, floral aroma is used as aphrodisiac relaxes and reduces worry and anxiety.