The wealth of wildflowers is one that offers both beauty and plenty. Pagans revere poppies for their money magic. If you have a yard, nearby meadow, or any strip of ground you can garden, buy poppy seeds and simply toss half of them all around in early spring.  Soon, you will have a wealth of wildflowers. No doubt, you will be rewarded for years to come with the beauty and abundance of poppies for many years to come.

Gather together

One small plain paper envelope

Remaining poppy seeds

A pen

Place the rest of the poppy seeds in the envelope. Bless the envelope by chanting aloud:

Poppy, gold like the sun,

Thank you for the new fortune I’ve won.

With these words, this spell is sealed. And so it is.


Now write the charm you have spoken on the envelope. Seal the envelope closed and  place it in your wallet, behind your paper money. Your fortunes will begin to change as soon as the envelope is sealed.