Weekends are the best time for taking good care of yourself. We all need to more than ever since the world seems so chaotic and life is crazybusy. Sandalwood, lavender and clary sage create a deeply soothing blend with a sensuous scent. It is both restful and stimulating; the perfect combination.

Gather the following:

6 drops Sandalwood essential oil

6 drops Lavender essential oil

6 drops Clary sage essential oil

½ cup Jojoba or almond carrier (or base) oil

A dark-colored sealable bottle with a dropper cap

1 cup warm water

Put each oil into the dark-colored, sealable bottle. Carefully cap the bottle and gently shake until they are blended oils together in the  tightly capped bottle. Shake well before using each time and store the bottle in a dark cupboard or shelf. Before using it on yourself or a loved one, you can warm it by putting the sealed bottle in a cup of warm water and let it set there for 4 minutes. Many a masseuse pours the oil in their palm and let it warm with their own body heat. Either way, adds to the relaxation factor.