This one little word gets ignored in our lives a lot more than we’d like to admit. I for one have been trying to use it more when confronted with self-doubt, new things or even old things which I’ve tried to put off rather than dealing with because I’ve convinced myself that they’re some how easier to ignore than address…I’m human after all.

Incorporating spiritual practice into ones daily life seems to be one of those things that so many of us desire, but so few of us actually do. When I wrote an article here at Witches&Pagans about starting a morning routine which involved appreciation and an informal conversation with a deity, it got very little public response, but the number of emails and Facebook messages I got not only let me know that many of you read it, but that most of you are afraid to even try to do something like this on the off-change that you’ll some how “fail”. As is you can actually fail at feeling gratitude and appreciation for what you have in your life or that your god(s) are so ready to give up on you that they won’t even aid you during your attempt to strengthen your relationship with them.

See how silly it sounds now that it’s out there? I hope so. In classic “me” style, can I suggest that you do one small thing…get over yourself and try it. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. How much? That’s up to you, not me, however, it shouldn’t be about how much you can gain. I discovered long ago to let the “how” not even enter your mind. All you ever have to do is the work which would allow a “how” to manifest in the way appropriate to whatever it is you’re intending, and someone else takes care of it from a universal sense. I know, I got a little “new agey” just then, sorry.

Try. Yoda said you do or don’t, but I think that black and white world view comes from sitting in the swamps of Degoba for too long…yes, movie reference. What I’m saying here is that trying is the vehicle of “do or do not”. If you try and succeed to run a marathon, then you did it. If you try and you don’t complete the marathon, but gave it your honest, best effort, then you didn’t complete a marathon, but what you did do is just as important, perhaps even more so. You pushed through self-doubt and fear, which are two of the worst things in magick and life. In this example of not actually completing the marathon, you established a mark, a new goal; you train (doing the thing that lets the ‘how’ manifest), you get better because of the training, and you try again.

Do you want to hike to Machu Picchu? Set your goal, your milestones, and try. How about starting and growing a successful business? Same thing, goal, milestones, try. Now how about casting a spell to bring abundance into the life of your best friend? Yep, you guest it. Try