Pre-Christian themes in Sami rock art (Past Horizons)

"Rock art in Fenno-Scandinavia can be divided into northern ‘hunter’s art’ and southern ‘farmer’s art’ styles. ... It is the combination of these various forms of evidence that enables scholars to identify Máttaráhkká as the Mother Earth figure being referenced in certain of the rock art motifs."

Lecture on the Occult Life of Dennis Wheatley March 14, 2013 (South East London Folklore Society)

"Author of a major critical biography, The Devil Is A Gentleman, Phil Baker will discuss Wheatley’s impact on the idea of the occult in popular culture, the esoteric lore in his books, and the perennial question of how much he really knew."

Think twice about allowing religious studies (FayObserver, NC)

"There is a fine line, a fine balance, concerning the introduction of religious studies in the separation of church and state and within public school curriculum. North Carolina's Senate Bill 138, though a good try, upsets the balance. ... S-138 appears to purposely leave out studies of other faiths, such as Islam, Buddhism and Shinto, of non-monotheistic beliefs such as paganism, or of atheistic philosophies such as atheism and secular humanism."