Indonesia to criminalize witchcraft and other un-Islamic activities (

"A 500-page reform proposal would upgrade the 1918 Code, revised in 1958. Adulterers and practitioners of black magic would get up to five years in prison. ... Currently, the Code lacks provisions against witchcraft or black magic but under its revised version, those found guilty of using black magic would face up to five years in jail or up to 300 million rupiah (US$ 30,000) in fines. Out of respect for tribal traditions and customs, "white", i.e. good magic would remain legal."


Grandmother blames witchcraft for accusations that girl is a Satanist (Newsday Zimbabwe)

"The grandmother of an Entumbane High School pupil, who collapsed on Tuesday and allegedly sparked a mass hysteria among other students who sought to help her, yesterday said she was shocked by the incident and dismissed claims that her granddaughter was linked to the Satanism sect. ... She said the girl started facing unusual problems after she was awarded a United States scholarship in December last year and she suspects the predicament of the 15-year-old girl to be a result of witchcraft from jealous people."

"Ex-Satanist" declares America is "Submerged in the Occult" (Christian Post)

""Our society is submerged in the occult; Harry Potter has filled the minds of our children for a decade and vampirism meets our teens with the illusions of grandeur. Witchcraft went mainstream decades ago, and Wicca is its offspring," said Harshbarger. ... "There was a young man who is simply on fire for God who took the challenge of the book very seriously. He read the book and the next day led a Wiccan to the saving grace of Jesus Christ! That is effectively reaching and ministering to those trapped in the darkness of the occult.""

Pagan included in interfaith presentation to sixth graders (Morning Sentinal - Oakland, CA)

"When three Christians, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a pagan, a Jew and a Hindu walked into a classroom, it wasn’t a setup for a joke — it was a joint effort to teach a new generation about cultural respect."

Wiccan Sorita d'Este to speak on Wiccan spirituality (This is Somerset - UK)

"The Friends of Abbey House are starting their summer season of talks about spirituality in Glastonbury later this month. ... The first talk will be by Sorita d'Este, an author, folklorist, occult researcher and prominent teacher and High Priestess of Wicca."