One of the reasons we fail to save money is because we fear it, and what we fear we don't think about as if that will make the fears -- and their causes -- go away.  To solve this problem in myself, and keep me on track, I am awash in money; I started a money-changing business.  Money changers have a long history, because for every solution money brings in simplifying exchanges, it creates three more for people that have the wrong kind of money.  I deal solely in United States currency, because merchants in my area often don't have the right kind of money to give in change, particularly when banks are closed.

Immersing myself in money forces me to think about money, which is actually as much of a challenge for me as it is for other middle- and lower-class folks whose lives are in many ways defined by the stuff.  It also allows me to engage with money magically, for every exchange is an opportunity to use money's true power.  It makes my every transaction more intentional, and the results are in:  I expected to be struggling to keep up with this challenge by now, but I'm not.

My week thirty-seven savings: $703, 5.3% ($37) of which I added today.