Money is very often seen as a completely pedestrian thing, such that anything touched by the stuff is automatically not spiritual.  Don't be fooled!  Just because mainstream society embraces it completely doesn't mean that money does not have its own spirit and esoteric roles to play.  That's part of the reason for there being a Pagan savings challenge at all:  to encourage people of these communities to work with money according to our values and using our tools.

Consider the rubber ducky.

I can't tell you what the connection between the rubber ducky and the spirit of money is, because it is a mystery, meaning it must be experienced for itself.  What I can say is that if you feel completely crushed or oppressed by thoughts of money or its impact on your life, consider the rubber ducky, and perhaps you shall understand.

My week twenty-seven savings:  $378, 7% ($27) of which I added today.