Yikes! Pagan Spirit Gathering 2015 canceled in mid-run due to flooding and rainstorms past and predicted.

What's a pagan response? On the immemorial principle of do ut des, a gift for a gift, perhaps we need to begin our outdoor gatherings with an offering to the god concerned.

Well, you know gods. The answer may still be “no.”

But it never hurts to ask.

  To Thunder: A Pouring


 Drums call people to Sacred Fire. People assemble East of Fire.


 Drums down. All face West.


Horns sound.


Hammer-signing (priest):

In the name of the Thunderer, we begin our offering.


Call (priest):

You who are called Thunder (all: Thunder)

You who are called Thórr (all: Thórr)...

[Taranis, Changó, Perkunas, Perún, Iuppiter, Zeus, Tarhunna, Hadád, Enlil, Iškur, Indra]

to You, to You, to You

we call.


Hymn (all): Lightning's Flash and Thunder's Roar (Sparky T. Rabbit)


Prayer (priest, at Fire)

[...Calls god's attention to the people and our vulnerability; asks for kindness] 

[end] ...to You we pour.



(entire bottle of liquor: in three pours)


Dance (all: facing West) (with chant)


Thunder ward

Thunder ward

Eya, eya

 Thunder ward


Final blessing and dismissal (priest, from West) (with Hammer-signing)

[end] ...In the name of the Thunderer, our rite is ended.


Horns sound.


Photo: Beth Yoder-Balla