25 years ago, they wouldn't let me give this workshop at PSG.

"Too controversial," they said.

But you'll be able to hear it in full—new and improved—at next year's Paganicon 2019.

Lucky you.


Sacrifice Revisited


Banned at PSG!

In the ancient world, animal sacrifice was central to much (if not most) public worship. Its absence has, quite frankly, left many of the New Paganisms liturgically hollow.

What was the role of sacrifice in ancient ritual and thought? What, in its various forms—“unbloody,” animal, and even (gasp!) human—is its role, or potential role, today?


Blogger-storyteller Steven Posch is long-time citizen of Paganistan, one of Midwest Pagandom's most respected elders, and a voice of authority in the New Pagan Intelligensia.

He also looks good in a kilt.