I was reading some “locutions” purportedly spoken by the Virgin Mary to a visionary in Medjugorje, Bosnia, when I noticed something interesting.

Not a single one of these “messages” sounded even remotely like something one would expect a 1st century Palestinian Jewish woman to say.

“From today,” she supposedly told seer Yakov Colo, “I will not be appearing to you every day, but only on Christmas, the birthday of my son” (375).

Well, there's a 1 in 365 chance that the historical Jesus was born on December 25. I suppose that if anyone could tell you when he actually was born, it would be his mother.

Assuming, of course, that it really was her you were speaking with in the first place.

Meanwhile, back in Pagandom, I hear that there's someone regularly (cringe) “channeling” Inanna these days.


Great. I've got some questions about Sumerian grammar I'd like to ask her.

If last Samhain I'd asked “Hekate” a question in Classical Greek, would she have understood me? And could she have answered me in the same language? And if not, why not?

Do the gods still speak to us today?

Myself, I would contend that they do. They speak to us now, just as they always have.

And maybe they actually do speak to some of us in words.

But that's not how they speak to me.


Randall Sullivan, The Miracle Detective: An Investigation of Holy Visions (2004). Atlantic Monthly Press.