Not every pagan community gets referenced in Gary Trudeau's cartoon Doonesbury.

But, back in the early 80s, Paganistan did.

Ching “Honey” Huan is (for some reason or other) in the Twin Cities, talking on the phone with Uncle Duke.


Uncle Duke: So how are things in...uh...Minneapolis?

Honey: Busy. I'm spending most of my time with my coven.

Uncle Duke: Coven?

Honey: Oh yes, witchcraft is very popular here. Everyone's doing it.


Somewhere around here—in one of my many coffee table books, I'm sure of it—I've got a copy of that cartoon, lovingly clipped from the local paper, folded in half and stuck into a large book to preserve it. It was a long Sunday strip, in color. Someday, I'll find it again.

When I do, it's going up on the Wikipedia “Neo [sic]-Paganism in Minnesota” page for sure.

Back then, we took such things as being the Witch Capital of the World for granted. Only in retrospect do we realize how remarkable they are. Truly, all history is hindsight.

Well, I gotta get back to the coven. There's witching to be done.

Here in Minneapolis, everybody's doing it.