At Beltane, we raise the Bull Stone.

How, you ask, did we manage to get a ton of local limestone from the wall of the coulee (ravine), across the bed of the coulee itself, and all the way up the hill to where it now lies?

Not difficult.

The Witch sat at the top of the slope and Sang the Stone up.

Really. She Sang, and the Stone just—as it were—floated up the hill. Call it levitation.

I, Steven of Prodea, tell you this, and I know it to be true because I was there, and saw it happen myself.

Now, I'm not saying that there weren't other things going on while she Sang, mind you: things to do with muscle, and poles, and rope.

But the Stone came from way down there, and now it's way up here, and it's here because the Witch Sang it up.

And at Bealtaine will be the Raising.



  Centerpiece of the new Shrine of the Great Rite at Sweetwood Temenos in SW Witchconsin's Driftless Area, the Bull Stone will be raised at Beltane 2020, and enhallowed at three subsequent Consecration Feasts through the following summer.

For more information, watch this blog or the Sweetwood website.