So: first they hexed the Blowhard-in-Chief.

Now they've hexed the Dishonorable Judge Kavanaugh.

I say: good for them.

I'm not of the “An it harm none” school. Personally, I feel that the power to curse is one of the arrows in the witch's quiver, one of the powers that our gods have given us.

It's a terrible power and, as such, not one to be used lightly.

So “the witches” (and whatever your position on the subject, don't think that you're not tarred with the same brush) have publicly hexed the A-hole-in-Chief and the newest Supreme Court Injustice. If either of them knows about this—and I'd be willing to bet that they both do—their response was probably laughter.

So much the better.

A public hex, for one, is a public shaming. It says: We hold you responsible.

And then there's the corrosive knowledge that somewhere out there, there are people that wish you ill. That's a poisonous kind of thing to know. Whenever something goes wrong—as things always do—you wonder, if only momentarily.

Magic works by indirection. The wound of the witches' hex may seem a slight one, only a scratch.

But, of course, the arrow that dealt it was poisoned.

Its venom enters the bloodstream and, festering, spreads, undermining confidence and function.

Or so we intend.

Good speed to the ill-wishing, and to the Accursed President, Accursed Injustice—and let me add, to the Accursed Senate majority leader, “Mitch” McConnell (cursèd be he)—I add my voice to those of my brothers and sisters and say: Cursèd be.

A curse for a curse. You've brought it on yourselves.