It's still one of the best opening lines that I've ever heard.

A buddy and I had gone over to 'Saint' Paul to check out the new Ethiopian restaurant.

While we were there, I noticed at a nearby table a woman with very intense eyes, giving the waiter a hard time.

Tough customer, I thought.

About halfway through the meal, I looked up to see the tough customer standing at our table. Those intense eyes were on me now.

“I like your pentagram,” she said, then paused. “I have one too.

She held it up.

“Well, have a seat,” says I.

That's how I met my friend Stephanie Fox. It was 1982.

We've been friends ever since.

She had literally just come into town. (Literally as in 30 minutes before.) Just as I had three years earlier, she'd pulled up stakes, loaded up the car, and come to Pagan Central in search of community.

Well, we found it.

Happy Pagan Pride, folks.

We've come a long way to get here.