AP: Washington DC

Minneapolis man-in-black Steven Posch made history today by becoming the first pagan to deliver an invocation at a US presidential inauguration.

Speaking to a crowd of over 80,000 spectators, Posch addressed his 45-minute invocation to pagan goddesses Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hekate, Demeter, Kali, and Inanna.

While generally well-received, the invocation was frequently interrupted by people standing nearby. Posch persevered, however.

"It was a transcendental experience," he said afterward. "I'd love to do it again. I hope next time they'll let me have a seat in the audience. Or maybe even use a microphone."

When asked by this reporter why they repeatedly interrupted the invocation, several bystanders explained that they were trying to hear some old woman up on stage.

Stefanos Elafeos

PNN Washington Correspondent