On the first evening of this summer's Grand Convocation of the Midwest Tribe of Witches, we turned our faces to the West and chanted a prayer to Thunder (see below) asking for good weather during our get-together.

Among the gods, Thunder in particular is well-known to have a taste for hard liquor. At prayer's end, we poured out an entire bottle of Jameson whiskey in libation.

That, believe me, was a sacrifice felt by everyone.

Throughout the three following days of our gathering, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

During the feast on Sunday evening, we heard a roll of thunder from the north. A rainbow appeared in the eastern sky. This was followed by a second roll of thunder from the southern sky.

No rain, however, fell.

Monday afternoon, I had a phone message from a friend who had remained on-site, calling to report that (everyone having packed up and left), it had finally begun to rain.

Gently, as it happens.

If you ask me, the money laid out for that bottle of Jamie was money well spent.

Every single penny.


 Thunder Prayer: Grand Sabbat 2018


Mighty Thunder,

your people stand before you

and we raise our voices to you,

as we prepare to light

our Fire of Gathering.


We ask your blessing on our time together,

and in particular, we ask you for the gift of fair weather.


We do not necessarily ask

that you withhold your gift of rain entirely,

which you have given to us this summer with such generosity;

but we do ask that, if you should give of your gift of rain,

you will do so gently and in moderation.


This we ask, and with this asking,

we give you this gift:

to you, to you, to you

we pour.