The full moon is celebrated and cursed.  Those who work in the police, hospital, and so on will tell you that behavior is odder during this time of the month. 

The full moon is about completion.  It is like a pregnant woman about to give birth.  The energy is high and in some cases giddy. 

There are a lot of people who revel in the energy of the full moon.  They can take it in and use it to the best of their ability. 

I am not one of those people.  During the full moon, I am tired, crabby, and stressed.  I feel overloaded by the energy.  I’ve done a number of full moon rituals, the energy is incredibly empowering but for me it is also very overwhelming.  It doesn’t matter how I ground, what techniques are used, around the full moon I find myself trying to hide from everything.

Every month for a day or two I feel bombarded by the energy and the magic of the moon.  It disrupts my ability to concentrate and meditate.  Ironically I sleep better during the full moon which as a long time insomniac is a blessing. 

Since I find this time of the month overpowering, I do things to offset the overload of energy.  One of the best things is to just be alone.  It helps me cope with my emotions and the anxiety of the days.  Now I work in a busy office with faculty, student workers, and students in and out of my office all day long.  I’m not getting any peace and quiet at my day job. 

This means at night I have to find a way to send out the overload of energy and bring calm and balance to my mind and spirit.  This month I’m focusing on gifts as next month I need to have holiday gifts done by the first week of December. 

Crocheting is my craft of choice.  I love the idea of taking yarn and creating something useful from it.  I also love being able to put intent into each of my projects.  As I’m making the items for other people, I keep in mind how they will use the item and how I want it to make them feel. 

This year I’m making makeup pads, wash cloths and little bags to put the makeup pads into for washing.  As I make each one, I think about how it is meant for cleansing their face, how it will help them wash away a mask they put on for society and hopefully get back to their true self. 

By focusing on the purpose of the item, I imbue the energy needed to help them with that task.  I also imbue it with respect, caring, and joy because I enjoy my student workers and their bright energy.  I want them to feel the joy of the gift I’m giving them. 

While I’m sitting crocheting, I channel the excess energy from the moon into my work.  It puts the positive and loving energy into the item I’m making and helps me cope with the excess of energy that can overwhelm me.