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On Psychic Readings

I was talking with another psychic this weekend, and she mentioned that she has clients all over the world who call for readings. They keep her busy enough that she does only her spiritual work for a living. For a brief moment, I was envious—just a bit—of her ability to make a good living at this business with multiple returning clients.

But upon reflection, I realized that I don’t want that.  I don’t want people who become dependent on me to help them make life decisions.  I want clients who need a bit of direction, of input right now in their lives, and once armed with that, they are able to go forth and manage their affairs accordingly.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Me-at-CO-Springs-fair.jpgI’ve had those clients who seem to think they need a psychic to make every decision.  They are like dependent children in constant need of direction.  And they don’t learn anything from the reading, because these are the clients who make the same mistakes over and over again because, although they say they want your advice, they’ll never take it.  Repeat or chronic clients often aren’t looking for genuine insight, they are looking for constant validation or justification for perpetuating their own crippling life circumstances.   It is hard enough being responsible for my own life!

More importantly, I think I would fail the clients, fail to give them pure information via Spirit, if I knew them and their lives very well.  Because the more I get to know someone, the more likely I am to have two things that interfere with being a clear channel:  opinions and emotions.

Now, there are many psychics out there who can read perfectly well for people they know, but I’m not one of them.  I prefer to read perfect strangers, or people for whom I’ve done a reading a long time ago, and have no memory of their circumstances.  Cold reading is pure reading, as close to having no preconceived notions about someone as you can get. 

Once I know that you are in a bad marriage, or hate your job, and I know enough of the details to know why, then I begin to form an opinion.  I think you should do this or do that.  But that’s not Spirit talking.  That’s me. Also, if I get to know you well enough to be personally fond of you, then I have an emotional investment in seeing you be happy, like a mother wanting her children to be successful.  Just do it my way and it will be well.  But that isn’t always the case.  People have their own karma, their own spirit paths they must walk, and sometimes that walk includes doing or experiencing things you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.  As a psychic reader, it is my job to remain objective and encourage you to come to a spiritual understanding of the challenges in your life.

Many skeptics insist that we don’t really read psychically, that instead we garner cues from people’s body language and minute facial expressions to interpret their responses and gauge our responses accordingly.  But once I get “in the zone” I really don’t look at my clients.  I study the cards or I close my eyes to better focus on what Spirit is giving me. Certainly, like every other human being, I am at a subconscious level picking up these subtleties, but no more than anyone having an ordinary conversation.  Perhaps there are so-called psychics who simply read body language and make stuff up.  But that’s not being a clear channel for Spirit.  That is simple manipulation.b2ap3_thumbnail_Me-reading.jpg

Spirit has been kind enough to give me a sort of handicap, a kind of people-amnesia.  I don’t remember people unless they have become a regular part of my life. I also don’t remember people out of context; if I know your face because you’re a cashier at my local grocery store, for instance, I won’t recognize who you are or where I know you from if I meet you at the post office.  You are out of context. I even took an assessment online regarding facial recognition, and my score was very low.  I just don’t recognize people very well.  (I would make a terrible eye-witness if I had to identify a culprit in a crime!) So even clients I may have had at other events, I won’t remember.  I think this makes me a good psychic—without a good memory for such things, I simply can’t hold onto an opinion or emotional connection because I just don’t remember you.  Please don’t be offended if you have had a reading from me and the next time we meet, I can’t place you.  It’s not personal. 

Reading for others and about others, reading places and houses and objects, all these are best done if I know little to nothing about the person or place or thing.  Then the information I am getting is not colored by my thoughts, or opinions, or my emotional connection to a person.  For me—and for my clients—that is the best thing, because then I am able to channel more accurate information. 

Also, my goal has been not to become someone’s trusted advisor, but to help my clients learn to be their own best psychic—to develop their own intuition and spiritual understanding so they can be spiritually independent.  For ultimately, it is only through making your personal connection with the Divine, and expressing it in ways that are uniquely your own, that you achieve a modicum of connectedness with the Universe.

My other psychic friend is blessed.  Spirit has enabled her to use her gift in marvelous ways for many other people, and to make a good living for her and her child. And I am blessed, for I get to be the kind of psychic and person that I am as an individual. I am happy to be the psychic I am in the way I do for the lovely, near-perfect strangers I read for. 


(Catt regularly appears at mind/body/spirit fairs in central Oregon.  Look for her at the Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic and Crafts Fair in Yachats August  6-7; at the RaSani Fair in Albany October 15-16; and at the Eugene/Springfield Holistic and Green Living Expo, in Springield on November 12.)

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Catt Foy has been a professional psychic and astrologer since 1978 and a freelance writer and photographer since 1981.  She is the author of Psycards--A New Alternative to Tarot, and the novel Bartleby:  A Scrivener's Tale.  She holds an MA from Western Illinois University and an MFA in Fiction from Spalding University, and is currently CEO of Psycards USA.  Catt likes to garden, paint, and make jewelry, and is currently working on several other novels.  She lives with her husband and two feline companions in an RV in Eugene, Oregon.


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