May 1st is always known as the lustiest of the cross-quarter Sabbats: exciting and full of possibilities. I will always remember the very first Beltane ritual circle that I participated in, many moons ago. my whole body was humming. I felt electric and trembling with excitement, realizing how powerful and deep this magical life could be. It was on that night that I decided to follow a Pagan and Eclectic Wiccan path. It resonated with me completely on every level, especially after being on a personal spiritual quest for the year or two prior. This Beltane make a point to rekindle and stoke that fire with you and your romantic partner. Fires always require a little TLC, but the end results are always so worth it.

Set the Stage

First, think about setting the stage. I have some good notions for starting this special day out just right. This would include the baking of some homemade Beltane scones for breakfast and getting your kitchen smelling heavenly. A clean living space is definitely a sexier one, so be sure to take care of that, too. Another task that would surely lift your spirits, is crafting a May Day basket for your significant other, or someone you know who would really appreciate it. A neighbor on their own during quarantine would probably love to receive a surprise gift like this on their front porch.


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Let Your Hair Down

If the sunshine is agreeable, head outdoors. At the very least, go for a long country drive with your partner with the windows down. Close your eyes, revel in the sensuality of getting out of the homestead for a while and let the wind whip your hair around wild. There are still plenty of good options for hikes, where you can seek out more unpopulated areas and follow smart social distancing guidelines. This should ramp up energy levels for both of you, as well as bring your moods up.


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Wine and Dine

When you return home, cook a healthy meal together and feed each other dessert. Share some wine with your arms intertwined. Slow dance to a long-forgotten tune and don't be afraid to get a little silly. Letting go of inhibitions goes hand-in-hand with this day, so embrace it fully. For those who are solo, there's absolutely no good reason you can't do all of the above just for yourself. This would include ending on a highly pleasurable note– since there are few things sexier than loving yourself.

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