Even if you already have some plans booked for the Fall Equinox, it’s never too late to schedule some pleasant activities just for you. This is in fact, the optimum time to focus on balancing areas of your life. First up, examine where you could de-clutter. I’m not just talking about a general all-over abode sweep and tidy – although I would advise that, as it always less stressful to have a clean home base. I’m talking about mental clutter, paper pile-up, and time wasters. Remember that nature tune, “Earth my body/water my blood/air my breath/and fire my spirit?” Well I’ve concocted a nifty regimen to address each of those elements and how they connect to you. Ready, set, go!


It’s more fun to clean when you have a partner, and it goes much faster as well. Enlist your housemate(s), spin some good tunes, and enjoy a class of vino while you get things sparkly. When done, relax with a good movie together and light some incense to perform a final cleansing of your pad. You know what else gets things clean? Water. Take a shower after and get sparkly yourself.


Time to make time for meditation – even 5 minutes before you go to sleep. This should set the stage for more restful snooze and pleasant dreams, which in turn make you more ready to face the day come the following morning. Still some unwanted thoughts bumping around in there? Get it all out in a journal, first thing when you wake up. Take a cue from “The Artist’s Way” author Julie Cameron, and pen three free-flowing, uncensored, stream-of-consciousness pages without stopping. Get it all out and move on. If you find yourself ruminating on negative worries throughout the day, try to gently nudge your thoughts back to a positive affirmation and redirect. If you’re still having a tough time and are feeling depressed, there’s certainly no shame in seeking out the help of a counselor to transition through rough patches in your life. You won’t be able to move forward if you can’t get unstuck. Air is your breath, and you need to take a moment to breathe deep.


Even if you don’t like to do it or don’t initially feel like it, you know it always feels good when you break a sweat and you’re all done. I’ve found myself grumbling my way through a routine, only to catch myself smiling and feeling lighter by the end of the workout. If you don’t get anything else accomplished today, you can say you worked out. Likewise, a treat is fine, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by OD’ing on junk food. Chances are you’ll feel guilty and gross after, and who needs that? Keep with your clean routine and focus on clean eating. Your body will thank you for it. Get outside and connect directly with the earth on this one.


Light a candle or a small fire pit fire in your backyard. Stare into the flames and imagine where you’d like to be spiritually in the next few months. This is an area that can become quickly stagnant and pushed to the backburner in lieu of other more pressing and mundane tasks and to-dos. Especially if you’re feeling lost or disconnected, this is an area that needs nurturance and examination. Where can you stoke the fires of your spiritual side? Has it been awhile since you last visited your awesome Reiki practitioner, or released the small stuff in your local drumming circle? How about simply taking the time to plan out a lovely ceremonial ritual or self-care spell? This can be one of the most important areas to clean house in. Check in with yourself periodically, stay connected and balanced. Don’t be shy about claiming your me-time to do so.



Photo by Artem Mizyuk from https://www.pexels.com/