I always think of Lammas as a time of outdoor dining, reflection on the year thus far, and most of all—corn! Enjoying a small picnic with your immediate household in the backyard or on a back porch is a perfect way to celebrate Lugh and this start to the harvest season this year. Grains and bread should definitely be on the menu, and there are some fun options to choose from. You could even create an intimate bread baking party with your family, creating a combination of sweet and savory choices.

Grilling local corn in the husks gives it such an amazing added flavor, and the mouth-watering scent it gives off is aromatherapy in itself. Make it the main dish and create a healthy vegetarian meal with side salads tossed with produce from a neighborhood Farmer’s Market. These happen to be some of the better ones in Wisconsin, if you’re in the area.

Since the Corn Moon is coming, this could also be a theme for your menu, including Lemon Wolf and Moon cookies. The Corn Moon officially falls on Monday, August 3 this year, if this date works better for you. You could conclude your meal with a short and simple full moon ritual. This is a chant that was used by Jean Reddemann’s Full Moon Circle group monthly, but you can certainly utilize it yourself at home. I think the words are particularly pertinent during this time:


Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon,

Enhance the positive energy in my life

And fill my days with joy and laughter.

Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon,

Open my home to positive energy

And let it be a safe haven from the world.

Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon,

Bring the presence of Spirit into my life,

To guide me on my journey as I fulfill my life purpose.

Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon,

Please accept my appreciation and gratitude

For all that is good in my life.

And so it is!

After enjoying your feast, set out some inexpensive solar lights and light a citronella candle to keep pesky mosquitos at bay. Watch the sunset together and take turns sharing all the little things you’re still grateful for. If you have a fiddle player, guitarist, or other musicians in your group, playing and singing down the sun together is a wonderful way to bond.

Photo by Johann Piber from Pexels