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Using Tarot to Choose the Best Rootwork Approach

So you have a problem and now you're looking for the best conjure for the job.

Having a million options at your disposal is fantastic, but it's only helpful if you have a way to determine which options are going to be most likely to work for your particular set of circumstances. Sometimes all the various herbs, spells, candles, and condition products for one issue can be overwhelming! Money and love being some of the "worst offenders" for offering a perplexing embarrassment of riches when it comes to variety.

You know there's many approaches you could take, but which one is most suited for your particular set of circumstances? Should you take 3 days of baths, or 7? Is the Crown of Success vigil alone enough, or should you look at adding a Road Opener, and a Master vigil to the mix and place your picture in the middle of that trinity? Should you make a mojo to wear AND a honey jar after you've done all baths? Is lavender the herb you need, or rose? Will doll baby be best, or the skull candle route?

How do you know?

Divination, which should be one of the very first steps you take when evaluating the ins-and-outs of a situation before delving into remediation work, comes once again to the rescue! 

There are, of course, many different oracles that one could use effectively for determining what remedies would be best suited. A pendulum can give a nice Yes/No-type answer, if the pendulum is a tool you are already familiar with and have some skill using.

But you can also use the tarot!

I personally love using the tarot to help determine my plan of attack, and then use the pendulum to suss out the nitty-gritty specifics of what specific herbs are most indicated. 

I like to ask the tarot about workings and order of workings as a whole, as I not only get a basic yes/no, but also a bit of information about WHY yes, or WHY no. This then helps me form a more holistic picture of how a complete conjure job is going to go, and best to direct it.

It's quite a simple process. Think of the specific working your are inquiring about while shuffling, then draw one card - read the basic meaning of the card as the outcome to using that approach, and if necessary for hints as to what might be a better choice. 



For instance, if I ask if a honey jar will help reconcile a rocky relationship and pull the Four of Cups, I can see that while it will help highlight some positives of the relationship, it will not completely overcome the negative patterns and perceptions which have overtaken the situation. 

So the honey jar is still on the table as part of the working. It just can't stand alone.

Since cups are a water suit, I might intuit that some water-based works would help round out the working. So I could consider some Uncrossing baths and floor washes to help clean the couple's home from the negative energy from all the fussing and fighting, as well as dressing their bed-sheets by spritzing them with water that some Reconciliation bath crystals have been dissolved into. 

With that revised plan - Uncrossing and cleansing, followed by honey jar and dressing of bedroom with Reconciliation - I would shuffle and draw again. This time I draw The Star! Getting closer, as The Star is all about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and having renewed hope. This is definitely moving things in the right direction. But I'd want to see if I could get an even better result.

The Star card again has water, but also carries a sense of "coolness" about it - stars come out at night when the temperature drops. It also brings to mind a sense of stillness and calm, since The Star often appears as one emerges from a stormy period in life. So Peace Water comes to mind, and Stella Maris figures of Divine Femininity. I might add asperging the home with Peace Water, and a petition to Our Lady, Star of the Sea or Isis (if a connection is felt to either of those figures by the couple involved, or by you as the consulting practitioner who may work on their behalf) or even by invoking the energy of The Star card itself - asking that the stormy waters of the relationship be calmed, so that the couple could once again traverse the ocean of life together peacefully and with love.

The new plan then is Uncrossing and cleansing, followed by the crafting of a honey jar, dressing the bed daily with Reconciliation, and regularly asperging the home with Peace Water, and placing this entire petition under the aegis of Stella Maris. I shuffle the cards and this time pull Ten of Cups - a card of familial joy and peace. A perfect ending!


You can follow this method for any type of case.

If you ever find the answers to be somewhat confusing, try being more specific with your proposed solutions. For example, if Uncrossing is clearly called for, but you got a "bad" result card, try out different numbers of days for the Uncrossing to be repeated - 3, 7, 9, 13. You may find that 3 days or 7 days aren't enough, but if you ask the cards about 13 you get a very clear "YES" answer.

If that doesn't help, then make sure you are coming at the solution from the correct angle by confirming that you've identified the true root issue of the situation. All the Attraction work in the world will only do so much good, if you've actually got someone with a deep-seated case of low self-esteem and behavior patterns rife with self-sabotage!


I mentioned earlier that I like to use my pendulum to get exact advice on what herbs, roots, curios, etc to use when I am crafting a ritual item such as a honey jar.

I could guess at rose for love and balm of gilead for reconciliation, but with so many love, blessing, and peace herbs to choose from, which would be best? 

I've made a video on this very topic, which you are welcome to watch for more info about that part of the process:


Overall you'll find that when you consult an oracle for what way to approach a case you start seeing better results, with less guesswork along the way. You'll have a full plan of attack, rather than just cherry-picking remedies one by one and then waiting to see how far they chip away at your problem. You can quickly find out if your initial plan was a lemon (and that happens to all of us) BEFORE you invest your time, energy, and resources into a working that is simply not suitable, and find something that will get you closer to where you want to be.

Hopefully this has been helpful and can get you on the path to manifesting your goals in a more efficient manner.

Happy hoodooin' y'all!



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Devi Spring is the proprietress of Queen of Pentacles Conjure Shop, and a proud member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR). She holds a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto, is a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher with a long-standing teaching & healing practice, and has been active in the magical community since 1997. While working primarily within the tradition of southern conjure, Devi honors her ancestral lineages by incorporating elements of New Orleans and Mexican folk Catholicism, makes use of her Ceremonial training by utilizing grimoires and Solomonic methods, and even embraces her IndoPagan background with syncretic inclusions of Hindu and Buddhist deities and folkways. Her eclectic academic and practical background in various spiritual and occult subjects, coupled with her natural ability to make complex ideas accessible through metaphor and humor, allows her to help people find a results-oriented magical methodology that will work effectively and efficiently for them.


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