I have a small confession to make, I used to watch wrestling on television. I know, I know, I was younger, I had a television, and I got caught up in all the fireworks, loud music, and drama that goes with it. I haven't seen any of that stuff in over a decade; it gets repetitive pretty quickly, and my brain isn't a fan of repetitive. however, one persona on that show, "The Rock", taught me a valuable lesson with his catch phrase, "Know your role, and shut your mouth."

I have no idea what Dwayne Johnson, the man who is known as "The Rock", does these days, other than I see him in less and less movies and more and more of them are straight to DVD releases, but I don't need to. As useful as some of his moves in the wrestling ring may help if I caught would-be vegetable thieves in my garden, it's that phrase which has had the most impact, "Know your role, and shut your mouth."

So what's my role in witchcraft? Student; it always will be. That's not to say I don't choose my opportunities to impart a little wisdom here and there when asked, but I find that far too many people are either trying to "win" discussions in which they're involved, usually by trying to come off as clever or witty, just waiting for their turn to speak without ever consider the content of the discussion as it unfolds. Politics in the US has become the same sort of thing. No instead, I'm of the school of thought which suggests one "Know your role, and shut your mouth."

If I didn't shut my mouth, and observe the world around me, I'd be less informed about things like magick because the lessons learned by just observing are immensely more powerful, unbiased, and helpful, than the next self-interest-serving blow hard who is trying desperately to gain validation and a book deal through your hard-earned money.

So how does one "Know your role?" At the risk of teaching you something and having my entire point collapse on the perceived hypocrisy, one has only to "Shut your mouth." The best place to do all of this in when surrounded by the least human-made "stuff".