EDIT - since this post was posted, I have received several messages asking about the items in the pictures, and about who made them - they are all from my own work and my husband's. In the bio at the end of the post, you can find a link to my website. Thanks!

Among the many types of Leaders that inspire and connect Spiritual Seekers with their Paths, Pagan Artisans are often overlooked in favour of writers, speakers and bloggers – not that any of us is upset about this; we prefer to stay away from the stage lights, completely absorbed by our work, while they get into the debating, and set the foundations for what Paganism will be in the next generations. And thank the Gods that the writers, speakers and bloggers are there! Many times, they are our voice and our patrons, purchasing, promoting and sharing our work on their sites and podcasts, and I couldn't be more grateful for their presence and support.

The ones that make our lives difficult, and our future uncertain, are the resellers of items made in by the millions, with absolutely no connection to any spiritual energy, made by underpaid workers turned into slaves by corporations. This is not the customers' fault at all – I believe that it is our work to educate them and help them understand the true difference it makes to support Pagan Artisans, for us and for them, specially in this time of economic struggles for so many. And that's why I'm writing this article.

I can say with complete honesty that, if I don't make sales every week, I would be homeless in a month, and I am completely sure that many Artisans I know can say exactly the same. Not everyone has an alternative, or a supporting family. Many of us have absolutely nothing else, and yes, many times it gets scary. Very scary. The difference for us is very obvious – if we don't sell enough, it's week after week of eating rice, week after week of bills piling up, and week after week of not sleeping and getting ill out of pure exhaustion and worry. I don't think I need to say more about this – the starving artist myth is not a myth at all.


The items that we make are always created in a sacred space and at a sacred time. The herbs we wildharvest are organic, and the land Spirits are paid with offerings and by cleaning the places of any trash left there by other humans. Each product you get from us is supported by a quarter of a century of study and experience in crafting Sacred Arts. We are completely devoted to what we do, and no detail is overlooked, from the moment we envision an idea to the moment we ship each order. This, compared to an item made by millions at a factory, should be enough difference already – but there's more.

The biggest difference lies in the effect of your work with Spiritual Entities. You cannot match the effect of a talisman or an incense that's handmade under our quality requirements with a dollar store incense stick, or an evil eye charm made by millions in China. This is not a question about price, because none of the items we sell is pricey – this is about the energy that items gather from the beginning of their making to the moment you purchase it. An item that is made with knowledge and love, that is made with materials that are environmentally responsible, and inside a sacred space, works better, faster and with more energy. Simple as that. Spiritual workers often say that intention is the more important element of a spell, and I agree – but work materials matter too. One handmade beeswax candle, that has been created by the beekeepers themselves, has ten times more power than a full packet of commercial paraffin candles.

And there is someone else that benefits from your choice – the Spirits you work with. I can tell you from my experience with our customers that those who care about the quality of the items they use, and even save for a while for those items, sacrificing something, get instant respect and attention from the Spirits they work with, because they know they made the best choice, and not the easiest. This is not only because they feel loved and appreciated – this is because us, the creators (and here I'm speaking about all kinds of creators, not only Artisans) are often, if not always, inspired an guided by them to do what we do. The Spirits inspire us, we offer you an item inspired by them, and when you offer it to them, they recognize it and give you their blessing and attention. When you purchase from us, and from any other hardworking and devoted Pagan Artisan, you are investing in your Spiritual Path, and gaining greater benefits than you could imagine.


What You Can Do To Help

Needless to say, the first answer to this is to purchase from your favourite Artisans as often as you can – but, I understand very well that many customers can only afford a little very now and then, and that is perfectly fine; I'm not one to judge that because I understand their position perfectly. But, there are many things a customer can do for a home-based business besides investing money on it.

I think that it's important that you see yourself as a patron, more than as a customer. A patron is not only someone that purchases items from us – a patron provides connection by recommending us to other potential customers, shares our work on their social media, blogs about their purchases, suggests ideas, lets us know about potential opportunities – and all that is completely free. And, although I can't speak for others, for us that mean entering immediately the We-Love-You-Like-Family list, and those customers get the treatment a family member deserves, besides our complete gratefulness – and again, I can say from my experience that their readings turn out more accurate, their candles and spells work quicker and the works and offerings they make with our products turn into constant Blessings from the Spirits they work with.

This is just the proof/manifestation of the Universal law that says that we belong to each other, and we must support each other. By sourcing the best materials and taking care of every part of the process, we support your Spiritual path; by purchasing our products and Services, and spreading the word about our work, you support us. The Spirits around Bless both side of the transaction. When you choose a product made by a corporation, your purchase is supporting something entirely different.

Thank YOU so much. I wouldn't be here, writing these words on behalf of myself and of all Pagan Artisans, if it wasn't for YOU.

Note - all images are from items handcrafted by me and my husband. Please visit our website (link below) to learn more about our work.