This time of year is pure magic. The days grow shorter, the crops are all brought in and processed for the long winter ahead, and family and friends are pulled close.

We appreciate you for serving the Goddess with us, and for bringing us joy, love, and growth in the previous year. We gift you this greeting card as a way to help show how much we appreciate you, and all you do each and every day.

The Holly King brings you and yours gifts of love and prosperity this holiday season, as you make your way through the long night of winter. You may download and distribute this card to anyone whom may be deserving of your love this season.

This is also the time of year for you to remember the institutions that serve you, and need your contributions to survive. If there is a group in your life that fills this need, take the time to show your support. If the Aquarian Tabernacle Church is one of those organizations, consider making a charitable donation.

If you would like a tax receipt for your gift, please give through the following link, and you will be able to send money not only to the Mother Church but 31 of Her ATC Affiliates as well.

Monetary donations may also be made electronically through Paypal at

Checks may be made out to the Aquarian Tabernacle Church and sent to

Aquarian Tabernacle Church
PO Box 409
Index, WA 98256-0409

Donations of vehicles, land, or stocks/bonds are also great ways to help. Call 360-793-1945 if such a donation works for you.

As always, we honor you and yours with a merry blessing from the Holly King, and from all of us here at the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

Bella, Dusty, Cassie, & Austin Baker (as the Holly King from Hekate Sickle Festival 2017)
LINK TO Free Yule Card -