Our last blog post was Part 1 of building the Cernunnos Shrine.  Picking up here right where that one left off….


After the concrete blocks were dry and the fire altar was built (square structure in front of the Shrine), the rafters for the roof were added.  

Cernunnos Shrine with rafters, summer 2016

Because the winters in Trout Lake, WA have several feet of snow, each Shrine has a metal roof.  We had professionals come out and do this part.  Once the roof was on, Kirk began applying stucco to the walls.


Cernunnos Shrine with roof and first layer of stucco, summer 2016


During the hot days of summer, it was difficult to make sure the stucco wasn’t too wet or too dry but Kirk persevered.


Kirk applying more layers of stucco, summer 2016


Notice that Kirk is standing on a dirt mound.  That was the next part of the project - to build the retaining wall and walkway.


Cernunnos Shrine with stucco done and retaining wall built, summer 2016


Then came more sawing of bricks.  Kirk was an expert at this by this point in the project.  Below is a picture of the walkway in place and Kirk is filling in the holes around the edges.


Cernunnos Shrine, fall 2016


Cernunnos Shrine, fall 2016


The small flags in this picture indicate where we still have spots left for engraved bricks.  Specifically, we have two 8x8 inch spots left and four 4x8 inch spots left.  We are wanting to have folks buy and inscribe these bricks by May 15th so we can have them in place by July when the Shrine will be complete.  If you are so moved, you can order them at https://www.patreon.com/wmds.  If you would like to make a one time payment, please email cascadiaadf@gmail.com.


Next time: Part 3 of building the Cernunnos Shrine and the Nature’s Spirits Shrine (or where the pathway to the left leads…).