Eclectic Elementals: The Magic & Spirituality of the Elements

This is not a specifically named, established path like Asatru, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Kemeticism, Wicca or Santeria. Yet the Elemental Path can be adapted to any traditional, reconstructionist or modern practice, and the Elements are indeed present and utilized in all traditions. It can also be, as it is for me, its own completely original, self-contained and self-defined path. It is the path of peeking behind all the named and well-presented curtains; of getting to the heart of All and of connecting to and honoring the mystical, essential building blocks of everything in existence, from the planet to our souls. No matter where your belief ultimately leads you or how you define it, the Elements are a part of it and, if nothing else, a great place to start.

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Meredith Everwhite

Meredith Everwhite

Meredith is an amateur writer, Tarot/oracle reader, and a semi-agnostic, pan/metatheistic, Pagan mage & mystic. Her elemental affinity has led her to become a devoted water priestess and the creator of the website/blog The Oracle of Water where she shares and writes about all things aqueous in the worlds of metaphysics, spirituality, mythology and occultism. Currently pursuing her certification in Michelle Hanson’s seashell-based “Ocean Oracle”, she is also working to develop an original elemental-themed divination system. She currently lives in North Carolina with her spritely feline familiar, Naia.  
Ethereal Ways: The Fifth (and First) Element

In various books and internet resources dealing with elemental magic, paths and witchcraft, there are often chapters devoted to “The Water Witch”, “The Fire Witch”, and so on. There are also usually sections intended to help you “discover your element” or “what kind of elemental witch are you?”

In the explorations of “Eclectic Elementals”, I will be expounding on similar concepts but in the terms of the elemental “Path”, not just “Witch”. While magical practice is frequently a key aspect of many Pagan spiritualities, particularly as regards the Elements - the cornerstone of almost all magical workings - I have found that not all who practice magic always identify as “witches”.

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An Introduction to Creating an Element-based Spirituality

No faith, no magical practice, and no school of philosophy has the monopoly on elemental belief. From Aboriginal animism to Druidism to Shinto to Plato, “the Elements” have played a huge role in how humans have related to and deified the natural world around them.

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