Not all art is a work of magick, but there's certainly a correlation between magick and the process of making art. We can also apply these considerations to other daily tasks that we do, adding another layer of meaning and power to them.  But for now, let's talk about art and magick! 

All magick starts with a thought. 

1) Making the Invisible Known - Making art involves creating something from essentially nothing. Art - whether it's a painting, sculpture, song, poem, play, or dance - starts within our minds. An idea - something that is invisible unless you're looking at neurons firing - filters through our minds and out of our bodies into a physical, visual, or audible form. Intent becomes grounded in reality. 

Magick focuses on change - transforming ourselves and the world around us. 

2) Transformation - With art, we take every day materials that could have any other purpose or use, and transform them into something beyond those material beginnings. Canvas and pigment become a painting, words become a story, movements of the body transmit an experience that goes beyond the every day. 

Magick requires focus and attention to detail. 

3) Coordination and Clarity - Talent is essentially have a small inkling or interest that is honed by experience.  Through experience we gain skill, build perspective, and acquire problem-solving capabilities. To successfully create art that is effective, one must be focused and pay attention to how everything is taking shape. We learn from our mistakes and use that knowledge to perceive future issues - while also being willing to continue to make mistakes while trying new things. 

Magick must be allowed to flow. 

4) Mind-Altering - Art-making is often trance-inducing.  As we have seen with the popularity of coloring books - sitting down to color can be an incredibly meditative and calming process.  The same is true for painting, drawing, composing, crafting, etc.  We become focused on a task, yet we become part of the current of it when we are most successfully creating.  So once we have set our focus and direction, we release into the universal flow. 

Magick is released and ripples out into the world.  

5) Gallery of the World. Making art marks our personal journeys.  An artwork can give a sense of time, indicate a change, and have obviously deeper meaning for the artist.  But art is experienced by the world, and in turn can affect and influence others - far beyond the intentions of the creator.  It can inspire, stir emotions and memories, and even cause very strong reactions - all outside its initial creation. The art takes on a life of its own once it is released into the world, and its effects cannot be controlled.