Here's another story of abundance made manifest. When I made the Northern Lights Goddesses Brew, I included dried linden flowers and leaves to honor Frigga. I still had some after making it, and I decided to use some to make a brew specifically for Frigga. The Frigga Brew flavor was linden and vanilla. When it was ready, I raised a toast to Frigga with it. I also brewed tea with the dried linden, and raised a toast to her with hot tea. 

Frigga is a mother goddess and the queen of Asgard, but the aspect of her with whom I relate best is her aspect as patroness of fiber art. I first connected with her fiber art aspect while I was spinning at a Renfaire, but after that I have been connecting with her when I do hand embroidery and when I make quilt tops and turn my hand embroidery into finished projects such as bags. 

In the week after I raised the two toasts, I received multiple offers to buy my embroidery. I sold some embroidered bags, and am communicating about custom work. I also received an opportunity to show my embroidery in an art gallery. I am now busy with these projects, and when I make the small altar decorations for the gallery, and I'll be sure to include at least one dedicated to Frigga, to keep the cycle going. And I will raise more toasts to Frigga with the Frigga Brew! 

Image: an altar with an embroidered rune cloth, a supported spindle, and a jar labeled Linden Tea for the Goddess Frigga, among other items, photo by Erin Lale