Science fiction influenced me to expect that the next step in the evolution of humankind is to ascend to become a being of pure energy. That philosophy is called transhumanism, and it saturates popular science fiction.

I was born a science fiction fan; my dad was a Star Trek fan, and if I had been born male my parents had intended to name me DeForrest, after DeForrest Kelly. The classic Star Trek had several species of energy beings, and humans were on the path to becoming like them. Many of the science fictions I encountered later in life had that idea in them, too. In some of them, a very advanced human could evolve during his lifetime. In Babylon 5, a character who was a telepath turned into an energy being (and blew up, dangerously for everyone around him, but well...) Characters in Buffy and Stargate ascended and became energy beings, and chose to come back to Earth. I even wrote ascension into my own fiction. In my Punch series, a character ascends upon death. A character ascends in Some Say Fire, too, but that's symbolic; it represents the unification of the conscious mind with the subconscious and the inner child.

So when writing my unpublished behemoth led me to be able to converse with a god, of course I asked Loki about ascension. I already had novel gnosis about the gods' true forms being 9 dimensional, from writing Some Say Fire. As always with gnosis, as they say, your mileage may vary. In the Fireverse, Loki tells the human character P to accept the symbols she’s seeing because if she truly saw the reality the gods see it would break her mind. 

In my mind's eye, I saw Loki and Odin as nine dimensional life forms. The mental experience was not one I'd care to make permanent. I realized ascension is not for me. I had to ask them to appear to me, in my mind, in stable three dimensional forms. 

I was born human, I will live human, I will die human, and I will remain human even afterwards, in the afterlife. Even when I leave this body and breath behind, I will still be human. Just dead. The transformation of death will not make me ascend. The visions I've received in which I grow butterfly wings and fly off to Asgard upon death are part of my natural human life cycle. 

Loki told me, “You’re a human, and that’s OK."  The gods love humanity as we are, and we are not meant to evolve to be like them. What science fiction taught me to want and expect turned out to be a mirage. We are as the gods sculpted us: mortal, made of flesh, limited in body and mind. Just how humans are supposed to be. 


Image: Butterflies and Flowers by Ken E via publicdomainpictures dot net