My kindred held our Rainbow Season ritual to mark the end of monsoon season here in the southwest desert. After the rain comes the rainbow, so after the rainy season comes the Rainbow Season. In heathenry, the rainbow is sacred to Heimdall, so as part of our ritual, I told my version of the story of how Heimdall retrieved Freya's jewel.

Here's a short video of the stage of ritual prep in which we're putting on our ritual jewelry:

And here's me telling the story of Heimdall's rite of passage in the form of an initiation into the mysteries of the Dark Mother:

These videos are part of the Heathen Visibility Project. The actual ritual is not shown in these videos, just the preparation and storytelling parts.

Image: me holding the glass horn in which we toasted using Black Bell rum, standing in front of the altar. The framed artwork visible in this image is a classical work that has passed into the public domain. Visible on the altar is a plate of mini muffins with rainbow sprinkles in honor of Heimdall's rainbow and the rainbow season.