There is a local Asatru kindred in my area which has a custom about steel weapons that has a parallel among the Theodish. Theodish magical theory holds that it is bad luck to give a gift of living steel. Living steel is a steel weapon that has energy and perhaps personality. Among the Theodish, living steel can only be bought, even if it's bought for a token amount. 

On Yule 2014, Tom and I attended sumbel with a local heathen kindred that is associated with a Renaissance Faire guild. Its leader has made some historical re-enactment weapons intended for combat sports. 

There is a local custom called Steel for Steel. When someone gives a person steel, the person must give steel back. This makes it so it's not a gift but a trade.

Tom gave the hosts each a folding pocket knife from us and our host gave us back a battle axe he had made. This custom prevents bad luck, since it makes the gift into an exchange.

When we left, I said, “Now Tom has to drive the old battle axe home.”  

Image: steel being forged, photo by blickpixel via pixabay